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5 Reasons To Listen To Joyner Lucas

With the year winding down, there is one artist that you must know about (if you do not already) before the year ends. His name is Joyner Lucas. I first came across his talents during this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards and have been hooked ever since. Joyner Lucas is next and here are five reasons why you need to listen to him now!
along came joyner
1. He killed the cypher: first degree murder style.
Let’s be honest, who really looks forward to any BET original programming anymore, especially the lack-luster award shows that they have produced lately. Yet, every year I watch solely for the cypher’s. This past October was no different and thank God that I trusted my gut. Lucas was included in a cypher featuring Tink, Charles Hamilton, and Jackie Spade. He stole the show and had everyone talking the next day.

2. His clever cypher landed him a spot on The Breakfast Club.
One of Lucas’ most notable lyrics from the cyber included “I hope that Charlamagne will give me Donkey of The Day”. Well it worked. A month later Lucas was invited on the show, allowing fans to get to know a little bit more about him and hear him & Charlamagne freestyle together. Well played Joyner Lucas, well played.

3. He features true stories in his songs.
One key feature, that Hip-Hop is rapidly losing, is the art of truth. It’s okay to club, party, and have fun, but Hip-Hop has always been the genre to tell the stories that no one else will. Lucas brilliantly does this in many songs, including Ross Capicchioni. The song is titled after real life Ross Capicchioni who was shot three times in Detroit in 2007 and left for dead. Capicchioni was shot by a friend, who needed to catch a body to be initiated in a gang. Remarkably, Capicchioni lived and Lucas used the story as fuel for one of his records off of his Along Came Joyner mixtape. Like the song, the video below is just as powerful as it provides a mini-movie for the track.

P.S. Here is Ross Capicchioni’s story in his own words:

4. His music creates controversy.
If Ross Capicchoinoi was not enough to get you hooked on Joyner Lucas, well let me introduce you to his latest record happy Birthday. The video captivates you from the first second because you see a baby crying and Lucas is expressing all of his anger that surrounds the child. Long story short, Lucas describes a baby formed from infidelity, which ends up not being his own. He loves the mother so much that when the real child’s father kicks them out, he takes them in. The video closes with Lucas becoming attached to the child, as the real father knocks on the door. happy Birthday is a record that so many people can relate to and the video will remind you of how close Lucas’ style is to Hip-Hop’s favorite white rapper. (cough, cough: Eminem)

5. He’s next.
I know, I know. We are so attached to our J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, but trust me when I say, you will want to make space in your musical library for Joyner Lucas. He is another breath of fresh air in Hip-Hop and you do not want to miss out on this gem. Download Along Came Joyner here. You can thank me later.

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