Inspirational Sunday

Inspirational Sunday: We Gotta Pray by Alicia Keys

we gotta pray
It is an understatement to say that there is a lot going on in the United States right now. From Michael Brown to Eric Garner and most recently the shootings of two police officers in New York, the tension of race relations is coming back to the forefront, creating two major fights: Blacks vs. Whites and Blacks Vs. Police Officers. As angry as many of us are, fighting back is not helping fix the problems.

Leave it to peaceful Alicia Keys to help us come up with another solution: prayer. In wake of the recent events going on in our country, she has released a new single titled We Gotta Pray. In her lyrics, she prompts us to do just that, noting that the outcry that many of us have in America will not be fixed by violence.

Like many of you, this subject brings up so much passion and rage, because the question must be answered: when will it end? Yet, we have suffered through much worse and we always overcome. This, unfortunately is just another stepping stone we must get over, but if we encourage many more of our black sisters and brothers to become leaders in our community and beyond, we can change the justice system to make it fair for us all. Never stop sharing the stories of those who lives have been taken away so senselessly and tragically and keep the power of prayer at the forefront!

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