Inspirational Sunday

Inspirational Sunday: I Wish We’d All Been Ready by Jordin Sparks

i wish we'd all been ready

Everyone else is still caught up in her break-up with boyfriend Jason Derulo, but Jordin Sparks is back focused on her talents of both acting and singing. Releasing her latest single, which comes from the film Left Behind, I Wish We’d All Been Ready touches on being stuck on Earth after the rapture. Originally pennned in 1969 by Christian rocker Larry Norman, Sparks recreates it with such and style and grace that only she could carry out.

The film Left Behind is also a remake, stemming from Kirk Cameron’s 2001 version. It features Nicholas Cage, Chad Michael Murray, and Jordin Sparks, and is described as a “rapture thriller”. Hearing this beautiful track extends way beyond the rapture for me. It speaks to living life to the fullest, because we never know when it will all end. I encourage you all to use your time wisely and take for granted every moment that you have because time is too short to waste it all!

Meanwhile, Left Behind is in theaters now 🙂

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