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Buy It Or Not?: Blacc Hollywood by Wiz Khalifa

blacc hollywood
It may not seem like it, but Wiz Khalifa has been doing this music thing for almost ten years now. Although a lot has changed including longer hair and becoming a husband and father, the music of Wiz Khalifa has pretty much stayed the same. Yet, it took his fifth studio album, Blacc Hollywood, to give him his first number one debut on the Billboard Charts! This feat is warranted because Blacc Hollywood is Khalifa’s most consistent compilation to date , which takes his sound back to his roots.

Lead Singles: We Dem Boys, Promises, KK, Stayin’ Out All Night

Top 5 Offerings From Blacc Hollywood:

1.A** Drop: It is a no brainer that Khalifa has a carefree spirit, but when that spirit teams up with a club record, it creates one of the best records from the album. Despite the content, one wonders why this was not chosen as a lead, because like We Dem Boys, it has radio written all over it.

2. House In The Hills (featuring Curren$y): In case you ever doubted that Khalifa had lines, this is the track to listen to. A slowed down “started from the bottom now we here” track, Khalifa describes the gratifying feeling of coming from poverty to being around scenery many children can only imagine about. Khalifa also touches on race issues which pierce the soul a little bit more, considering all that we have going on in the world.

3. The Sleaze: I am going to be honest and say I have no idea what this song is even about. With a plethora of metaphors regarding oral sex and hopping out the bed, the greatest thing about this song is how catchy the word sleazy can become when you put a Hip-Hop beat behind it.

4. No Gain: You do not have to like someone’s craft, but you do have to respect how much work they put into it. Despite being seen as the weedhead spokesperson, Khalifa gives us a glimpse into his day to day activities as the life of an entertainer. As he raps over the chorus, “no pain, no gain”. Without all that we do from day to day, no matter how much we hate it, we will have no success to look forward to. Yes, weedheads can provide words of wisdom too.

5. Promises: Being that a majority of the tracks on the album were previously released, why not include this track? It is nice to hear Khalifa give fans a softer, “romantic side”, and take advantage of it because it is one of the few songs on the album where weed is rarely mentioned.

In the end, every kind of Khalifa fan will find something on Blacc Hollywood to suit them. Wiz does what he wants and creates good music while doing so, which explains why his fanbase grows with each album. The weed will obviosuly never change, but along the way, Khalifa is creating newer sounds why rapping about his favorite thing.

Personal Favorites: Promises, A** Drop

Purchase Blacc Hollywood here!

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