Mixtape Mania: No Genre 2 by B.o.B

While reading, download No Genre 2 here!
no genre 2
When it comes to B.o.B., you can not put him in the genre box. Whether it is Rap, Pop, or Alternative, Bobby Ray does it all, and does it well and he shows this on his latest mixtape, No Genre 2. Featuring a slew of different artists, including Victoria Monet, Sevyn Streeter, Mila J, and his mentor T.I., B.o.B produces a solid mixtape with varying sounds that oddly work together perfectly.

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On No Genre 2, you get a track to play in your Lambo (Lambo Music) or at your spur of the moment house party (So What). He even has songs for that new love (Swing My Way) and for when you are ready to leave the past, in the past (Forget). Predominantly produced by B.o.B., No Genre 2 is surprisingly one of his best projects to date! In the end, B.o.B., is the perfect example that genres are blurred in music and all that matters is that you constantly perfect your craft and please your fans.

Personal Favorites: Forget, Swing My Way (featuring Sevyn Streeter), So What (featuring Mila J)
Download No Genre 2 here!

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