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Buy It Or Not?: The Foundation by George Tandy Jr.

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the foundation
While talking to George Tandy Jr. this past February, he was on a major high with his debut single, March, taking off faster than he could have every imagined. That moment is most certainly topped with the release of his debut album The Foundation! In February, Tandy told us to expect very “personal and transparent” along with a mixture of “Jazzy, R&B elements“. On The Foundation, fans will musically receive all of that and some more special surprises.

The Foundation immediately shows Tandy’s versatility between genres with Gravity. This five minute opener has Jazz written all over it with soothing instrumentation and limited lyrics, that allows you to simply enjoy the melody and not a record drowned with over-the top lyrics. Along with Jazz, Tandy channels his inner rocker on Rockstar Baby. He reveals more of himself, as he chooses a more edgier sound to back his message of blowing up and living the rockstar life.

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As promised, The Foundation also debuts Tandy’s rapping skills, which can be heard on Bonfire Music. As Tandy described, “It has a cool 90’s sort of, you’re on vacation, chilling at a bonfire on the beach, vibe to it”. Bonfire Music has summer written all of it, that shows while he marches in the winter, he can also relax with us all in the summertime!

Along with many songs about the ins and outs of relationships, Tandy shows a suprisingly, pleasant different side on Higher. Playing boyfriend number 2, Tandy gives fans a classic R&B sound, that will bring The Foundation in the bedroom.

The Foundation ends, as it began: with Jazz. On I Am, Tandy again gets personal describing the many layers of himself, along with having very soothing instrumentation backing him. The Foundation is everything that music is missing nowadays. A unique sound that is transparent that shows who Tandy really is, instead of who the industry wants him to be. With this debut album, singer and songwriter, George Tandy Jr. is setting The Foundation to have a very long and successful music career, bringing originality back to the forefront!

Personal Favorites: Higher, Bonfire Music, Alone

Purchase The Foundation here!

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