Video Alert: B.A.N.S. by Sevyn Streeter


If Mack Wilds and Sevyn Streeter were attempting to get away from the romance rumors between them, they sure are doing a bad job at it. Along with being on tour with one another and frequent spottings together out and about, Wilds is now playing Streeter’s boyfriend in her latest visual for B.A.N.S. Standing for “B***h A** N***as”, Streeter plays the abandoned girlfriend whose boyfriend gets the side chick pregnant. Sadly, that is a message that so many women relate to. While broken hearted, Streeter meets up with her girls (which includes radio personality Angela Lee and LHHNY star Lore’l) and expresses her pain over a couple of glasses of wine. The video is kind of all over the place, as Streeter even takes the time to dance seductively (trying to get Wilds back?). Despite that, the song is still solid, and hopefully she will perform this record, this Sunday (June 29) at the BET Awards!

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