Video Alert: Legal Tender by Mishon

legal tender

Since Valentine’s Day, we have not heard much from singer Mishon. Now a couple of months later, he is returning with the video to his Legal Tender record. Depicting a young woman that has lost her way after the loss of a lover, Mishon described the song in his description with:

Legal Tender is journey into a girls’ life that eventually becomes troubled. Through time she gives up on love, family and goes into a haunting future that puts money over self worth. She goes through stages of domestic violence and prostitution for worldly and material possessions. Legal Tender gives the audience a realistic depiction of what goes on in the lives of many young women. Although it exposes the dangers of prostitution as well as domestic violence, it also sheds light to a promising future where young girls can achieve success and true love if they veer away from a dangerous lifestyle.

In the beginning of Legal Tender, Mishon also brings awareness to the #BringOurGirlsBack epidemic in Nigeria. Mishon is definately an underrated artist that more should be aware of, so be sure to download his The Gift mixtape (for free) here!

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