Video Alert: No Mediocre by T.I (featuring Iggy Azalea)

no mediocre
While attempting to fix his family, Ti. seems to be hammering in another nail in the Family Hustle coffin. Instead of pulling a Robin Thicke and professing his love for his wife, T.I. releases a new video for his track No Mediocre. On the song, T.I. states how he has no time to for mediocrity when it comes to his choices in women. The song also features T.I.’s mediocre artist Iggy Azalea, whom surprisingly brings life to the video and record. Although T.I. has given us many recent releases with Turn It and About The Money, No Mediocre is the official first release from Tip’s Paperwork: The Motion Picture, which will be released later on this year.

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Meanwhile, this track led to a short-lived beef between T.I. and rapper Azaelia Banks. Although all of the posts have been deleted, Banks took shots at T.I.’s wife Tiny, and of course he responded. It seems like every week we get two things from T.I.: a confrontation and a new video. Hopefully, he will be putting as much energy on his album, as he is ridiculous Twitter wars.

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