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Spill The Tea: Whitney Houston & Aaliyah Biopic Casting News, Robin Thicke “Paula” Tracklisting & More!

1. Zendaya Coleman Casts As Aaliyah!

Well, this is a shocker…..For YEARS the Aaliyah biopic had been in the works. Yet, it seemed that it would never see the light of day. That all changed this week when singer & Disney Channel actress Zendaya Coleman was declared the winner of the starring role of Aaliyah. This is surprising not because she looks nothing like Aaliyah, but because 106 & Park Keshia Chante had been working for that role, basically her whole career. So many (like myself)just assumed that Chante would get the role. Like the saying goes, when you assume…well you know the rest. While many are slandering Zendaya, I hold out hope that there is a chance that she will pull it off.

Case In point: Everyone slaughtered Lil’ Mama when it was announced that she would play Left Eye. Then when the movie came out, everyone became her biggest fan. So I think we should give her a change, no matter how much we wanted Chante to get the role! Meanwhile on Twitter, Zendaya stated:

Yet, the bigger picture is the Haughton family: specifically her mother and brother who are reportedly against the film being made. My thinking is that if the family does not want the film, then there should be no film. No matter how much we love Aaliyah, these are the people who knew her best and loved her more than we could fathom, and their opinion matters the most. Only time will tell if this film goes through, but for now filming is expected to begin in the upcoming weeks and the movie is set to premiere on Lifetime later on this year! For now, you can peep pictures of Zendaya & Keisha Chante pulling out their best Aaliyah and judge for yourself!



2. Yaya Dacosta Set To Play Whitney Houston!


In other biopic news, Lifetime is also working on Whitney Houston’s biopic. It was announced that model/actress (The Butler) Yaya Dacosta will play the starring role. I see the resemblance between the two, specifically for Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody days, but not her later years.

Meanwhile, just like Aaliyah’s family, the Houston’s are opposed to the Lifetime movie, hoping for a big screen movie that will hit theaters. What bothers me in both of these stories are that producers, writers, directors, etc are planning for these big movies without the consent of the family.

In other Houston news, over the past Father’s Day weekend, the two Bobby’s reunited! Yes, Bobbi Kristina spent Father’s Day with her dad Bobby Brown. The excitement in the picture says it all and I am so glad that the family looks as if it is being mended!

Update: July 11, 2014
Lifetime has now given us a first glimpse at Yaya DaCosta putting on her best Whitney Houston look. Stolen from Entertainment Weekly, check out the collage below as DaCosta channels Whitney during her sophomore album days. t will take a couple of glances to get the comparisons, but once you do you will be excited for the film!
whitney biopic

3. Angie Martinez Leaves Hot 97 For Power 105!
The voice of New York is finding a new home! For years, Angie Martinez has been aligned with what used to be New York’s Number One radio station, Hot 97! Yet, the big announcement came this week that she is leaving Hot 97 to join the competition Power 105! This is a big move in radio that may have just put the nail in the coffin for Hot 97, unless they find a major, credible personality to replace her. Why the move you may ask? Money and I think the final straw for her was that stupid reality show they had earlier this year. In the end, if you can’t beat the competition, join them!

4. Robin Thicke Paula Cover Art, Tracklisting, & Release Date
Forget flowers and cards! Robin Thicke plans on getting his wife back by dedicating a whole album to her! Being released on July 1, Thicke is pulling out all the shots to reunite one of our favorite couples! I’m sure he has to do a lot more than sing his heart out, but this sure is a sexy start to it! Check out the cover art above and the tracklisting below!

Paula Tracklisting:

1. You’re My Fantasy
2. Get Her Back
3. Still Madly Crazy
4. Lock the Door
5. Whatever I Want
6. Living in New York City
7. Love Can Grow Back
8. Black Tar Cloud
9. Too Little Too Late
10. Tippy Toes
11. Something Bad
12. The Opposite of Me
13. Time of Your Life
14. Forever Love

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