Inspirational Sunday

Inspirational Sunday: Right There by August Alsina

Despite his recent antics, August Alsina does make some great music and his Testimony album was proof of that. Along with the turn up songs, Alsina gave us some encouraging songs that went along with his story of survival. This Inspirational Sunday is his record Right There, as he motivates us all to go for our dreams, despite it not happening as fast as we want. In the beginning he sings:

I’m just like you.
I know the feeling cause I been there too.
I hope you feel me, cause I been through the pain.
There ain’t a difference, You and I are the same.
Homie I was right there.

I have been going through some personal tests lately, even doubting myself, but this song is perfect to help us all get over the hump and get going for our goals in life. I hope this Inspirational Sunday, you do not give up on whatever it is you want in life!

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