Mixtape Mania: A.D.H.D. by Kevin McCall

(While reading, download A.D.H.D. here)

00 - Kevin_McCall_Adhd-front-large
Despite being posted up on Instagram with his newborn daughter Marley and boo thang Eva Marcille, fans had not musically heard from Kevin McCall since last December when he released his Xmas Love EP. Yet, he has now returned to the mixtape arena, which helped grow his fan-base, with ten new songs, altogether called A.D.H.D.

On A.D.H.D., McCall stays true to his classic sound, where right out the box with Never Had, McCall praises his own personal, x-rated accolades. He then wants his lover to Play Her Role, all while he Dog It. Along with getting naughty, McCall shows what he was doing on this past 4/20 with Match One. This track happens to sample upcoming artist Lamar Starzz record Fresh Out The Joint. Though Starzz used the record to describe to his woman his lovemaking ways, McCall is ready to roll up and have fun.

Along with the tracks that are sexy and could make you get “high”, McCall even takes the time to slow things with songs like Sang To Her and Let It Reign, which go back to the overarching theme of the mixtape: sex. Supported by lead single Yo Chick, which features Ty Dolla $ign, the only down point of A.D.H.D. was Dog It, which was too explicit and raunchy for my ears. Despite that, A.D.H.D. is a well blend of turn up, bedroom music, which furthermore shows why McCall should be way past the mixtape game and on to releasing his debut album!

Download A.D.H.D. here.

Personal Favorites: Match One, Sang To Her

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