Spill The Tea

Spill The Tea: 90’s R&B Group Total Reunites, Aubrih Relationship Back On? & More!!!

This week in music was mainly composed of breakups, makeups, and comebacks. Nothing more, nothing less!

1. Chris Brown Gets Back To The Music
Although he’s been blazing the airwaves with tracks like Love More and Loyal, for the past couple of months Chris Brown has fit the motto of “out of sight, out of mind”, while he has been away for recovery at rehab. Yet, this week Breezy came back on the scene with a bang. First, he re-activated his Instagram account with a new name and more positive messages. One of those messages came in the form of Brown showing that he had won the 2nd Chance At Loving Life Award (seen below), which is given to recipients whom are motivating change in themselves.
Lastly, Brown also made two major musical announcements. One, that X will be released on May 5 andddddd, two, that the wait is over for Fan Of A Fan 2, which will be released sometime this summer. Things are looking up for Breezy and I could not be anything but excited for one of my favorite singers.

2. John Mayer And Katy Perry Split?
It seems that John Mayer couldn’t handle Katy Perry’s Dark Horse after all. Last week, i told you all the rumor around this couple was that they were engaged, yet now, sources are saying the two have split up. Though neither report has been confirmed or denied yet, only time will tell until the truth hits the surface.

3. Paula Patton & Robin Thick Headed To Divorce Court

Photo Credit:Yahoo
Photo Credit:Yahoo

Another breakup, which has been confirmed, comes in the form of actress Paula Patton & singer Robin Thicke announcing they were divorcing this week. The two have been together since they were 15, but in a recent slew of messy, provocative scandals coming from Thicke, this split was bound to happen. Though i hope the two can work it out due to their son and time they put in, i am glad that Paula (as reported) had the guts to leave. Though R&B fans have known him for years, the radio friendly,chart topping watchers have not, and sadly it seems that Thicke has let the fame get to his head a bit. I hope Robin remembers who was there when his lines were blurred with long hippie hair, while he was riding a bicycle down the street, and that person was Paula.

4. Drake & Rihanna Back Together??
Aubrih fans had a special treat this week, as it seemed that the rumor of Drake and Rihanna rekindling their romance are true. Videos showed the two at the Paris stop of Drake’s, Would You Like A Tour? show. Not only did Rihanna perform Take Care with Drizzy, but the two looked like new love birds as they sung and danced together.

Along with that after the show, Drake posted this photo on Instagram with the caption “paRIH”.
Hmmm, yall ain’t slick! I really like these two together because they seem genuinely happy and make a beautiful couple!

5. 90’s Group Total Reunites!
Remember those hits from the 90’s such as Kissin’ You and Trippin’? Well, the group who sung these tracks are back together! Yep, that’s right, after almost 15 years of not hearing from Total, they are back performing and working on new music. There is only one catch…. Member Keisha Spivey will not be joining them. No one knows exactly why yet, but with the performances like the ones below they did in London, I see a successful reunion in the works!

So the week is over! What was your favorite story from this week?

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