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New Music: Make Her Say (Beat It Up) by Estelle

Last year, Estelle impressed fans with her mixtape Waiting To Exhale which featured fellow artists Jim Jones and Jeremih. Now, in 2014, it seems that the British star wanted to turn heads and get the people talking, and she has succeeded. In her new track, Make Her Say (Beat It Up), Estelle gets down to the nitty-gritty as she asks her man if he has what it to take to get her pussycat purring. Literally. Don’t believe me? Take a peek at some of the lyrics below:

“I see that you want it.
I already know.
Impatient to show me,
your love below.
Living in lust like,
you just want to see.
Come a bit closer,
here take a peek.
Make my p***y say,

Estelle, please have a seat. I think many fans would agree with me in saying that we miss the American Boy Estelle. Furthermore, if you are going to have a song about sex, at least be classy with it. If you are one of the few that does like this track, you can find it on the third installment of Estelle’s Love & Happiness series, titled Waiting To Exhale(something I bet the cat in the cover art was ready to do).

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