Mixtape Mania: #LoveJo by JoJo

While most of the artists from the early 2000’s have been able to prosper and fully develop their careers from their early success, one truly talented singer has been held down by label trouble. Yet, now after an out-of court settlement with Blackground Records, and a recent deal with Atlantic Records, JoJo is back to being able to professionally use her voice to keep soulful R&B music alive!

Released on Valentine’s Day, JoJo wanted to gift her fans with new music from her, on her new EP, simply titled #LoveJo. The tape features a jazzy, new-age spin on Anita Baker’s classic Caught Up In The Rapture, along with remaking Phil Collins track Take Me Home. There is no other way to say it except that JoJo’s voice soars, making you wonder how you managed to listen to all these “so called singers” for all of these years. JoJo shines on the spiritual track Glory, that is destined to make any sinner take steps toward the altar. The most riveting part of #LoveJo for me was the Intro which featured a poem from Aeni that stated:

“Rest your head and close your eyes,
everything will be okay.
For when you wake with a sweet sunrise,
it will be a brand new day.
Relax your body and let all the night’s worries melt away.
For when you wake with a warm summer scent,
it will be a brand new day.
Fall fast asleep and dream with me,
whisper I love you, I’m here to stay.
For when we wake…”

This poem can resonate with anyone who has every struggled. JoJo is not unfamiliar with that, but she never kept her eye off her dream, which has granted her a brand new day. 2014 is her year and #LoveJo is a perfect starting point to prove that. Welcome back Jo!

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