Spill The Tea

Spill The Tea: Dr. Dre Suing Death Row Records, Lil’ Kim Pregnant & More!!!

Lawsuits, money issues, and babies! What more can you ask for this week in music?

1. Dr. Dre Suing Death Row Records
death row
Rapper/Producer Dr. Dre is reuniting with Death Row Records, but not for the reason you think. Instead of hitting the studio, these two parties will be visiting the courthouse. Suing for approximately 3 million dollars, Dr. Dre is seeking compensation for unpaid royalties. This lawsuit follows the late mother of Tupac, Afeni Shakur, suing for over one million, also for unpaid royalties. For as much of both of these artists did not only for Death Row, but Rap in general, they deserve their money.

2. Rihanna Almost Went Bankrupt
can't remember to forget you
Po’ it up no more? This week court documents revealed that the provocative singer Rihanna almost went bankrupt thanks to her accountant. It states that in 2009, Rihanna began the year with $11 million dollars, and at the end she was left with only $2 million, due to her accountant persuading her to buy a $7.5 million dollar mansion that was out of her wage range. This may explain why RiRi started releasing album after album, which has helped her bounce back seeing that she is worth over $43 million dollars now!

3. Andre 3000 Father Dies
andre 300
I could not do this without sending my condolence to Andre 3000. After losing his mother last year, 3000 has now lost his father as well. Named Lawrence Walker, it is reported that he died after suffering from a heart attack after coming inside from chopping wood. It is never easy to lost a parent but especially not back to back, so my thoughts are with the entire 3000 family.

4. Lil’ Kim Is Pregnant
lil kim
On a happier note, when I love an artist I L O V E them! Rapper Lil’ Kim happens to be one of those people that I will always respect and love unconditionally. So when I found out that she was pregnant last night, I was just too happy! Pictures (above) were shown of Queen Bee at New York Fashion Week simply glowing in a bejewled dress. There is no word on who the father is or how far along she is, but one thing is for sure, I am so excited to see something positive happening in Kimmie’s life!

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